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MetaMask is an essential wallet service providing platform, that allows you to work with the Ethereum blockchain allowing you to store ETH, ERC 20, and other such tokens. Since we all know the importance of this wallet, there are a lot of users who wish to start using this wallet at the earliest. So, what we can do is help you out in the initial stages of wallet usage. To begin, the first and the most important thing that you should note about this wallet is the fact that you can only use it on a few select browsers.
The MetaMask extension is highly compatible with browsers such as Brave, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers. So, if you are someone who is interested to use this wallet on any of these browsers, then you can easily do so by installing the extension through the official website.
But, there is a piece of bad news for Safari browser users.

Is MetaMask available on Safari?

Unfortunately, the Safari web browser does not support the usage of this blockchain wallet. The MetaMask extension is only available for usage on the web browsers that we have talked about in the section above.
However, this should not make you sad. Because, if you are really interested to use this wallet, then you can do so by using it on one of the supported browsers. Similarly, there is a wallet application as well. This app can be easily downloaded on the Android operating system as well as iOS devices.
Also, one should note that you can try installing the MetaMask iOS app on your Mac device and see if it helps.
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